Pulp was brought with a will to create an asthectic in witch happening, construction and deconstruction are a fundamental part of the creative process.

From stimuli as simple as a shadow, to architectural elements, everything serves as a reference in the development of eventual pieces, whether the final product is an object of personal adornment such as jewelery, or just an object that exists per se. 

Natural and synthetics materials, even waste, everything is used in the production of these objects, always having a present contemporaneity and timelessness.

(Stone / Metal / Wood / Acrylic / Rubber / Flora)

a.  PULP studio
Rua do Almada, 325 RCFR
4050-037 Porto, Portugal 
e. pulpstudiostore@gmail.com
ig. @pulpstudiostore
p. +351 914 763 336